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4th of July Celebration

By: Stephen Taylor, Animal Keeper
published Sun July 07, 2013 4th of July Celebration

While most of you all were still relaxing and enjoying the 4th of July weekend this past Saturday, the animals at the Hattiesburg Zoo were having a 4th of July party. Tigger was creating fireworks of her own as she played with her patriotic themed box filled with hay and treats hidden inside. She also took a dip in the pool to pounce on some unsuspecting prey, a watermelon! Sampson, our jaguar, was given two boxes filled with hay and treats as well. He deiced he would rather hide in the boxes than destroy themthough. The lemurs were beating the heat with red, white and blue rocket ice pops filled with raisins. The macaques were given three blocks of ice filled with almonds and insects. They found the best method for getting to the goodies inside wasn’t patiently waiting for it to melt, of course, but to throw the ice blocks around their exhibit until the treats were busted free. The servals celebrated ‘Murica day as they fished around in their box for their treats and bloodsicle pops. All the animals had a blast as zookeepers showered them with surprises throughout the day. If you missed the 4th of July festivities at the Hattiesburg Zoo, don’t worry next month we will be celebrating the new school year starting with our ‘Back to School’ enrichment day. So you all can come out and see the animals get ready for the new school year by having some fun! As we get closer to August the exact date of the enrichment will be posted on our FaceBook page.