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Lion-Tailed Macaques

By: Katie Barry, Animal Care Supervisor
published Thu November 15, 2012 Lion-Tailed Macaques

Come monkey around with the new Lion-tailed Macaques that are enjoying their new exhibit.  Lion-tailed Macaques are native to India, but our macaques are happy to call Hattiesburg their home. As one of the smallest and most endangered of the macaques, these monkeys typically live in groups of 10 to 20 individuals called troops.  If there were that many macaques at the park, we would be overrun!  There aren’t 10 or even 20 at the zoo, but we are excited to have three, one male and two females.  As you would imagine, our macaques love their fruits, (especially the bananas!) which they receive each morning for breakfast.

This past Monday, the macaques went through their yearly doctor checkup, and they are all in excellent health.  So, swing on down to the Hattiesburg Zoo, head past the Tiger and come see the newest zoo additions explore and play in their home.