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New Quarantine Facility

By: Jennifer Trevis, Animal Keeper
published Thu June 27, 2013

            One of the newest additions to the zoo isn’t an animal, and you wont be able to see inside of it while visiting the zoo, yet it is super important for the zoo! It is our Animal Hospital and Quarantine Facility. You may have seen the news article about it or even seen the new signs on some of our gates, but many of you may not know why it is so important and a big step for the Hattiesburg Zoo!

            In order to get new animals at the zoo they must be in quarantine for at least 30 days, this is to ensure that they will not introduce any parasites or diseases into our existing collection of animals. Each animal must get a complete physical by one of our three veterinarians that work with the zoo, as well as pass three consecutive clean fecal tests. We want to make sure all the animals at the zoo are as healthy as can be and this new building allows us to keep new animals secluded from the rest.

            We complete yearly physicals on almost every animal at the zoo and the Animal Hospital allows us to do this so much easier than before. To make it is less stressful on the animals and Zoo Keepers the veterinarians are able to come to the zoo and preform the procedures in the new treatment room. We are also able to run fecal tests on our microscope in there so that we don’t have to call the vets in all the time. We deal with a lot of different feces at the zoo and each animal has its feces checked quarterly by one of our Zoo Keepers or a veterinarian.

            The Hattiesburg Zoo is growing everyday and even though you cannot see every new addition, everything being done at the zoo is important in making the zoo even better. Things are always changing around the zoo so make sure you stop back in soon to see what has changed. Also Thank You to Forrest General Hospital for sponsoring the new Animal Hospital and Quarantine Facility.