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Animal Christmas Wish List

The animals at the Hattiesburg Zoo have made their list and checked it twice! If you would like to help Santa with his toy deliveries this Christmas, take a look at the animals’ Christmas Wish List below and follow the link to purchase gifts for your furry friends at the Hattiesburg Zoo.
Click here to complete the animals' Wish List at


  •   Luna, Pepita & Steve, the Llamas, want a new scratching post.
  •  Fernando & Antonio, the Elands, want a new Stall Snack.
  •  Jaspir, the Tapir, wants a new toy.
  •  Spot, Dolly & Ziggy, the Zebras, want a new Tug-n-Toss.
  •  Rascal, Ruby, Taco, Stumpy & Dancer want new hanging toys.
  •   Ricky, Cleo, Caesar & Alex, the Servals, want new snacks and training treats.
  •   Willie, the DeBrazza, wants a new ball toy.
  •  The Howler Monkeys want a new ball.
  •  The Lemurs want a new hammock and fruit treats.
  •  Xenops & Galileo, the Tamarins, want new paper.
  •   The Macaques want a new monkey mirror.
  •  Tigger, the Tiger, wants a new ball.
  •   Bert, the Glass Lizard, wants a new jungle vine.
  •   Dundee & Mic, the bearded dragons, want a new wooden toy.
  •   Asia, the Leopard Gecko, wants a new heat cave.
  •   Remy & Emile, the Rex Rats, want a new hammock.