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Independence Day Animal Enrichment

Watch the animals as they use their natural instincts to interact with our Independence Day themed enrichment activities! The enrichment program at the Hattiesburg Zoo helps keep our animals happy and healthy by adding stimulating and challenging surprises to the animals’ environments. Throughout the day, zookeepers will incorporate fun activities into the animals’ regular schedules to help address the animals’ social, psychological and physical needs. 

Enrichment Schedule:

Lemurs: 10:10

South America Yard: 10:20

Howlers: 10:30

Jaguar: 10:40

Alligator feeding: 11:00

Macaques: 11:30

Tamarin: 11:45

Tigers: 1:15

African Veldt: 2:00

Debrazza: 2:15

Servals: 2:30