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New Baby Blue Duiker

By: Chelsea Weaver, Animal Keeper
published Sat December 08, 2012 New Baby Blue Duiker

Come help us celebrate our newest member to the Hattiesburg Zoo family, a baby boy Blue Duiker.  He was born on November 28th, early in the morning so it was a wonderful surprise for the keepers to find him in with Gigi (mom) curled up amongst the bamboo.  The proud parents Gigi and Mouse, have been together since 1990 and have had 12 healthy babies.

The newest baby can be found in the Lemur exhibit were he is being cared for not only by Gigi but also by his older sister Kate. He is a spunky one, running and bouncing around the exhibit already and growing fast too.  When he was born, he weighed 18.5oz and is now up to 22.5oz in just a week.  That may seem small to the rest of us, but Blue Duikers are one of the smallest antelope in the world and only get 6-8lbs (96 -128oz) when full grown.